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Sian Rees

Sian Rees
Sian Rees

We wonder if Sian ever sleeps? What with completing her PhD, writing a novel, lecturing in media relations at Swansea University and servicing Good With Words clients, it’s a wonder she smiles at all.

But smiling is part of Sian’s effective and engaging armoury of tools. She smiles all the time yet when focus is required, applies her 20 years in the communications industry to develop strategies and draft content on any subject.

With a brain that size, it seems a shame not to use it.


Having Good With Words on board has helped us develop a new tone of voice and style of writing that reflects the brand values we’ve worked to establish. What is refreshing is their perspective; the team has shed new light on what we are aiming to achieve.

Huw Price
Managing Director, Grid-Tools
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